NUANCE                                                                                                                               This very colorful and suggestive series is the result of many years of research. In my works, I have been looking for fluidity and transparence combined with a free and spontaneous motion. Art is not always an easy and linear path. Why these shapes reminiscent of flowers ? They appeared spontaneously just like some of my other works in my production resemble landscapes. In this series, I experiment pigment transparence and the collision of colors.                    _________________________________________________________________________

Le Tango
In this 2016 series, the freedom of the creative gesture is at the center of my artistic quest. From the very beginning, I let myself get carried away by a free and musical calligraphy which will influence the resulting composition. I also like to play with new color harmonies, allowing myself to be surprised by the result. This leads to joyful, vibrant and musical artworks. This 26,5 cm x 26,5 cm mixed techniques series was done on terraskin mounted on wood.

L'Homme coiffé

Antonio Tapiès said : « It is important to create art with just about anything ». I searched through piles of objects collected throughout the years, such as metal parts and rusted plates, tools, screws, door handles and old papers. All these dissimilar objects called out to me, as would a paint spot on a canvas, and provoked that magic spark of creation.

Started in the summer of 2011 and finished in 2012, this series was produced on 56 x76 cm Arches watercolor paper. First, using a paint brush, I worked on the « X » graphic pattern and then, for the first time, I used a spatula. The colors are vibrant and, as usual, I tried out new color harmonies.
« X » is a powerful graphic sign : used as a cross in many religions, as a signature substitute by illeterates, a military insignia or war decoration, an answer in multiple choice questionnaires or even an instrument of torture. It is also used in many expressions: a cross to bear, to cross swords, in the cross hairs…

We have lived through the 2008 fall financial crisis and are all collectively poorer than we were before. Still, we, North Americans and Europeans, are the Kings and Queens of this earth. We are the biggest consumers and more than any other nation, we have wasted precious world ressources. This statement was the starting point for this series. With this theme, using different techniques, I had fun with color and material, freely interpreting the physical representation of kings and queens in their visual and artistic presence and in our collective recollection of children’s fairy tales. In my artistic creation, I have always liked to experiment with different techniques and with time, my production has become more playful and fun with the choice of subjects and the use of color.

For more than 30 years, we have been renovating our country home. Like many others in Danville, it is American vernacular style and rich in architectural details and history. We have re-insulated the attic and the walls, renovated the kitchen and bathroom, stripped the painted woodwork and sanded the floors. Throughout, we have tried to preserve the house’s character, finding local craftsmen who reproduced original moldings and other building details.
For this series, I experimented with the old painted wallpaper that was recuperated while renovating the corridor walls of this ancestral home. This old and imperfect textured paper, of different shades of ocher, gave me a pretext for a new series of colored and playful still life works. Besides the wallpaper, I used rice paper, acrylic paint and china ink.

For this series, presented at the 2008 Petits Formats Noël Exhibition, I used various pieces of old tools, porcelain, keys and jute, as well as pieces of metal picked up on country roads, which, incorporated into a concrete bed, ultimately become masks. There are 23 small 26 x 26 cm « treasure boxes ». For this series, the artists Antoni Clavé and Pierre Bellemare were a great source of inspiration. This annual Petits Formats Noël Exhibition was for me a pretext to explore and a great occasion for renewal and discovery.

Tête perplexe
For this series, presented at the Petits formats Noël 2005 exhibition, I used large geographical maps on which I made various very free interventions, adding my own textured paper collages. I then cut rectangles into these maps and glued them on a 30 x30 cm painted wooden support and added black ink and color lines. The result is very dense graphic works but at the same time, pictural, almost abstract. For me, these annual Petits Formats Noël exhibitions were a pretext for exploration. Once again a great occasion for discovery and renewal.

To me, painting is like travelling : an adventure, but with colors and material.
I have always liked to experiment with different techniques and I love using acrylic paint for it’s ease of use and the spontaneity it permits. I like texture on my canvas and, usually starting without any preconceived idea, I like working with the « accidents » that happen, working until each part is dense and thick. I like to think that I could cut up my canvas in small pieces and that each piece would be visually interesting.

These mixed technique artworks were done on watercolor paper and some on rice paper. I like collage and using the different papers I collect, I make various interventions on them and then tear them up in pieces I then use in my work. I like the texture and depth it brings. It’s always a great source of inspiration.